Recap: Heubach at Masterbatch Conference Wien

An inorganic pigment guide for masterbatch   

The 29th edition of the international conference and exhibition for the masterbatch industry took place at  the Imperial Riding School Renaissance Vienna Hotel in Vienna from  7-9 June 2016.

The target group ranged from raw materials and equipment suppliers to masterbatch processors and manufacturers up to researchers.

To support masterbatch manufacturers and compounders meeting the constantly increasing requirements of their customers, Heubach presented a cross section of the inorganic pigment world for the coloring of various kinds of plastics.

In his presentation „An inorganic pigment guide for masterbatch“ Dr. Detlef Barion (Marketing, Business Development and Productmanager at Heubach GmbH) introduced various inorganic pigment classes for masterbatch applications. He described the production processes and depicted their outstanding properties such as light and weather fastness, high temperature and chemical resistance as well as their easy dispersibilty in detail and with numerous examples.

The aforementioned properties make the use of inorganic pigments, like Complex Inorganic Color Pigments (CICP) and Bismuth Vanadates, indispensable for the coloring of plastics.