Recap: Heubach attends the VILF
annual conference in Neu-Isenburg, Germany

Deep into Yellow 

The 61st annual conference of the German Association of Specialist Engineers for Paints and Lacquers (VILF) was held from 10–11 November at the Hugenottenhalle center in Neu-Isenburg, Germany.

At the conference, which was held under the motto “LACK 4.0” (“COATINGS 4.0”), 20 experts from the fields of coatings, raw materials, testing equipment and applications had the opportunity to share their latest developments in this sector.

Heubach also attended the conference and gave a presentation offering paint and coatings manufacturers various alternatives to controversial chrome yellow and molybdate pigments.

In his presentation “Deep into Yellow” on Friday, November 11, 2016, Dr. Jürgen Ott (Marketing – Business Development and Product Manager at Heubach) presented the variations in the characteristics profile of inorganic and organic colored pigments. In many cases, a suitable combination of these two classes of pigments enables the replacement of pigments containing lead chromates. At the same time, developing these high-chromate color shades in the laboratory can be very time-consuming and higher recipe costs are also unavoidable in many cases. Powdered multi-pigment preparations with improved processing characteristics, which were discussed in depth in the second part of the presentation, represent an alternative solution. Simplified dosing and faster dispersibility can shorten the production process and thereby reduce production costs, for example.