A colorful success story

Over 600 years of entrepreneurship and a passion for innovation

A pioneer in pigment production

The roots of the family company stretch back to the 14th century. In the beginning the Heubachs first manufactured decorative glassware, then porcelain. In 1806 they founded the Goslarer Farbenfabrik facility and became one of the first ever manufacturers of pigments. The wealth of chemical experience gained in the field of pigment production laid the foundation for the diversification and extraordinary international growth witnessed in the last decades. The Heubach group’s development into one of the leading producers of high-quality organic and inorganic pigments and pigment preparations is largely the result of the product innovations that also led it to becoming the market leader in anti-corrosive pigments.

A passion for innovation

In addition, the acquisition of the Light Fast business from Bayer in Germany as well as continuous global expansion since the 80s have played a supporting role. The completion of Heubach’s American facility made it the largest independent producer of printing ink preparations in the USA. In the 90s, production facilities for organic pigments saw considerable investment. Further expansion is being driven by increased capacity in India as well as the acquisition of Avecia / ICI’s porfolio of organic pigments. Today, Heubach is a leader in the production of phthalocyanine products and the only backwards integrated manufacturer of indanthrone pigments.


The Heubach family starts making decorative glassware

For more than 12 generations the Heubach family manufactured decorative glassware. Things changed at the end of the 18th century when Johann Simon Heubach became the family’s first manufacturer of porcelain. The family carried on this tradition for another six generations.


The beginning of the pigment business 

The foundation of the Goslar pigment factory marked the beginning of the pigment business we know today. In 1806 this was carried on by Julius Westen, a partner of Louis Heubach and Eduard Heuäcker as well as Louis' father-in-law, who built additional facitilities in the towns of Oelze and Osterwieck.

Louis Heubach


Rainer Heubach takes over the management of the business

In January 1973, Hans Heubach died and left his two companies to his children Barbara and Rainer, who ran them together for another quarter century. Rainer managed the pigment and metal business, while Barbara's husband, Wigo Haacke, headed up the zinc and zinc oxide side of things. In readiness for the next generation to take the reins, in 1995 the group was split into two independently operated units.


Acquisition of the Dupont de Nemours pigment division

Acquisition of E.I. DuPont de Nemours pigment division in Newark, N.J. and the establishment of the Heubach Inc. in the United States. This acquisition gives Heubach a key presence in North America.


Heucotech Ltd. is established

Heubach grows its presence in North America through the establishment of Heucotech Ltd. in Fairless Hills, PA, where a new production facility is built for specialty pigments and pigment preparations for use in paints, printing inks and plastics applications.


Heubach Colour Pvt. Ltd. is established

Heubach founds Heubach Colour Pvt. Ltd. in India and over seven years builds one of the world's largest plants for producing organic blue and green pigments.


Acquisition of Bayer AG’s Lightfast pigment division

By doubling of production capacity for mixed-phase pigments and acquiring of Bayer division, Heubach becomes a leading manufacturer of this pigment class.  


Acquisition of Avecia’s (formerly ICI) organic pigment business

Acquiring these pigment technologies provided access to the automotive industry and laid the foundation for large-scale investment in two additional facilities for producing high quality organic red, yellow and orange pigments.


More production facilities are commissioned

In India, facilities for producing the metal complexes, azo and benzimidazolone yellow and red pigments as well as a DPP and quinacridone system entered service.


Bismuth vanadate production gets under way

In Germany, Heubach grew its inorganic pigment portfolio by producing bismuth vandate pigments.


Hangzhou Heubach Pigment Co. Ltd. established

With the 2009 establishment of the Hangzhou Heubach Pigment Co., Ltd. in China,  the Heubach group further expanded its Chinese distribution network. In addition, through warehouse and laboratory capacities regional client services could be improved within the Asia-Pacific region.


Extra pigment paste capacity added

Starting in 1997, extra pigment paste capacity was added in the US and Germany. At the German site, the newly built production and laboratory building was opened at a ceremony attended by the German Minister for the Environment.


Indanthroncrude facility inaugurated

Heubach opens a plant for the production of Indanthron blue crudes. Representing backward integration, this substantial investment ensures the quality of Indanthron blue pigments (PB 60). Heubach is the only manufacturer that produces both the basic product (crude) as well as the pigment.


Expansion of bismuth vanadate capacity

To serve the rising demand of brilliant yellow pigments with high fastness properties, Heubach increases bismuth vanadate production capacity at its German plant.

Inauguration of a new production facility for CICPs

With the commissioning of a newly developed and fully automated calcination technology in Germany, Heubach meets the increasing demand for Complex Inorganic Color Pigments.


Johann Heubach takes over management of Heubach

By handing over responsibility for the business to his son Johann Heubach, Rainer Heubach set the course for the company’s future in the next generation. Johann Heubach now acts as CEO of Heubach Holding in Austria.    


Heubach celebrates its 210 year anniversary

Exactly 210 years ago in 1806, the founding of the 'Goslarer Farbenwerke' (Goslar Colorants Works) and Heubach's associated entry into the pigment business marked a milestone in the history of the company.

Expansion of production facilities for the manufacturing of CICPs

Following the installation and successful implementing of the first production line of a newly developed and fully automated calcination technology in Germany in 2013, the second line is put into operation.


Heubach’s new Colorant Production Technology Concept is put into operation

At the German site, Heubach establishes a cutting-edge, highly flexible production technology for the manufacturing of pigment pastes.


Inauguration of a new production facility for Anticorrosives in the USA

With the completion and commissioning of the new production plant for anti-corrosive pigments at the U.S. location, Heubach is increasing the global production capacity of the group by approximately 4,000 tons.


Company owner Rainer Heubach passes away

In October 2020, Rainer Heubach passed away in Salzburg. Throughout his many years of leadership, he built up the Heubach Group from a medium-sized German company and transformed it into a global leader in the color pigment industry. He remained active behind the scenes until his death, after having transferred the business to his son Johann Heubach in 2015.


Heucotech Ltd. becomes Heubach Ltd.

In order to strengthen the Heubach brand, the US presence of Heubach group operates under a new name since January 1st, 2021: Heubach Ltd., a New Jersey Limited Partnership.

Drawing on our expertise and extensive track record in pigments, we supply a wide range of high quality anticorrosive and colored pigments as well as pigment preparations. We also work closely with our clients developing customized solutions for their specific requirements.