Sustainability Program

By way of continuity and conviction, we will promote the further development of all aspects of sustainability on the solid basis that we have put in place so far.

Environmental Protection

Improvement of energy efficiency by 4%
(Base year: 2015)

Reduction of specific CO2 emissions by 10% by 2020
(Base year: 2017)

Reduction of specific dust emissions by more than 5% by 2020
(Base year: 2017)

Reduction of specific water requirements by 5% by 2020
(Base year: 2017)

Reduction of specific waste by 5% by 2020
(Base year: 2017)

Supply Chain

Greater anchoring of sustainability in supply chain management by 2020


Expanded integration of sustainability into product development by 2020

Sustainability Management

Development of a concept to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2020

Development of a systematic survey of sustainability-relevant data and development of rules for reporting key performance indicators by 2020

Expansion of a systematic protection of the company by 2022

Employee Responsibility

Reduction of accident frequency (occupational accidents with at least three days of work missed per 1 million working hours) to six (interim target 2018: eight) by 2020
(Base year: 2017)

Promotion of employees' health

Development of a demography concept focusing on health, work and family, qualification, knowledge, employer attractiveness by 2022

Methodological and content-related further development of professional training and development

Additional childcare by 2020

Focus on the topic of care by 2020