Pigments for coloring paper

Coloring paper, seed, latex or viscose places special demands on the pigment or the pigment preparation. Heubach products meet these demands while doing their best to support the essential product features. Resulting in strong vibrant colors with pigments that deliver perfect results.

Pigments for high-performance latex products

Latex products such as gloves or balloons need to exhibit high degrees of flexibility, stretchability and tensile strength. Under no circumstances should the colorants used to color latex compromise these essential product attributes, no matter how bright or strong the color of the finished product might be. Heubach pigment preparations, such as AQUIS™, keep the colorant’s impact to an absolute minimum, ensuring faultless product performance and guaranteeing strong vivid colors.

Pigments for paper and seeds

Despite the onset of the digital age, paper is more important than ever before. Modern paper needs to look good, appeal to consumers but also be reasonably priced. Ideally suited to coloring paper, Heubach’s AQUIS™ colorants deliver maximum tinting quality for minimum cost. Likewise, organic pigment dispersions like AQUIS™ also provide an excellent cost-effective coloration for marking, branding and differentiating seeds as well as other organic products such as cat litter, Christmas trees or artificial grass. .

Colorants for viscose fibers

Viscose fibers made from raw cellulose are used to produce textiles as well as nonwoven products such as household cleaning cloths and sponges. Like other organic products, water based pigment preparations are used in the coloration of viscose. This process requires that colorants be distributed homogenously in the viscose despite pH values ranging from 1 to 14. Stable, highly concentrated and free flowing, AQUIS™ colorants provide perfect results for these applications.

Heubach products for specialities

The right colorant for your application