Pigments for coatings and paints

Brilliant durable colors are engineered. Our high-performance organic and inorganic pigments for coatings and paints not only show objects in their best light, but also withstand the toughest demands. Learn more about our solutions for the paints and coatings industry.

Pigment preparations for every application

Paints and coatings decorate and protect the objects they cover. With industrial applications as varied as aerospace, automotive, coil, architectural and refinishing, paint formulations need to meet any number of technical criteria, including ease of application, opacity and durability to name but a few. Heubach offers a wide range of pigments and pigment preparations, both organic and inorganic, to meet these demands and more.

Pigments for high-performance paints & coatings

Depending on application requirements, Heubach pigment compounds provide paints with key attributes such as color strength, coverage, durability, chemical inertness, light and weather fastness as well as good environmental performance. For metal applications, Heubach also provides a range of highly effective anticorrosive pigments that are ideally suited to direct-to-metal, automotive or industrial coatings.

Find out more about Heubach’s anticorrosive range of pigments 

Innovative pigments and customized solutions

R&D plays a key role at Heubach. Our portfolio is replete with ground-breaking pigments and we continually strive to push back the boundaries of pigment science in order to create new, more effective solutions. For paint manufacturers, this means our pigments always provide the best possible fit to their requirements. However, where paint formulations require additional expertise, we also provide global support in developing and customizing preparations for specific purposes.