Anti-corrosive pigments for water-based coatings

Pigments for cutting-edge coatings Recently, the coatings industry has turned its attention to environmentally-friendly and sustainable, water-based protective coatings. With reduced volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and a smaller carbon footprint, these meet the rising demands of legislation and cater to an industry which is becoming increasingly mindful of the environment. There are huge opportunities for companies which position themselves properly in this segment. With multiple production sites and a global network of retailers, Heubach is a reliable manufacturer of anti-corrosive pigments for this segment. As your experienced partner, we are active in helping you through the entire process step by step – from selecting the right anti-corrosive pigments to developing appropriate formulas for your water-based protective coatings.

Discover what Heubach has to offer for all your water-based protective coating needs

Solutions for new products

Developing a new, water-based binding agent system? Heubach is here to help! It isn't just help you will be getting from us but also decades of experience in corrosion protection and preparing formulas. Having developed a wide range of solutions and conducted countless test procedures, we know binding agent systems like the back of our hands. Through regular screenings and tests, we ensure that individual binding agents are up to date with the latest standards.  This means that Heubach offers you a broad and sound expert overview of all your options. Based on this expertise, we offer advice and support from product development all the way to market launch.

Heubach service: starter formulas

Save time and money by opting for a ready-developed starter formula which, in addition to the recommendation for corrosion protection, also lists the appropriate amounts of all other components. Practical comparative tests on our anti-corrosive pigments - also in combination with inhibitors in various water-based coating systems - serve as a basis for these formulas. These provide you with specific recommendations for binding agents, anti-corrosive pigments and the necessary additives, which you can then base your own tests on.

Reference formulas and laboratory support

At Heubach, we have compiled a remarkably large database of reference formulas for standard water-based agents - readily available for your use, whether you are a customer or not. In addition to the application lab, which is responsible for technical development and support, Heubach has a separate research & development team who continuously works on new products and innovations. This allows us to offer you a unique overview of the potential of corrosion protection, including for water-based products.  Our experts will help you create the perfect formula for your final product – including comprehensive advice, multiple consultations and the finished reference formulas. Last but not least, we will conduct blind checks not only on the end result but also on various alternative formulas if necessary.

Areas of application for water-based coating systems

Industrial coatings


Heavy-duty coatings

Bridges, offshore, marine coatings

The right anti-corrosive pigment

Heubach stocks a wide range of products including HEUCOPHOS®, HEUCOSIL™, zinc phosphate and calcium phosphate to ensure you can always choose the right inorganic anti-corrosive pigments for all standard water-based or conventional binding agent chemicals. If you want to increase the long-term effect by ensuring your corrosion protection takes immediate effect and lasts for even longer, simply add our organic corrosion inhibitor HEUCORIN® RZ. This will significantly enhance your corrosion protection formula and appreciably improve its performance.

Make your heavy-duty coatings environmentally friendly

In order to meet the special requirements, protective coatings for containers, bridges and offshore equipment are still mostly solvent-based coatings. However, developments in China – where major container companies have made a consolidated shift to water-based coating systems – are shifting the market in a new direction. At Heubach, we are constantly developing new, environmentally-friendly and forward-looking products to meet all your needs. We offer comprehensive advice and technical services from starter formulas all the way to market launch. Talk to our experts!

How you benefit with Heubach's anti-corrosive pigments for water-based coatings and starter formulas:

  •  Support all the way to market launch
  •  Laboratory and technical support
  •  Save time and money
  •  Global presence thanks to world-wide network of established retailers
  •  Company sites with laboratories in Germany, China and the USA
  •  Good long-term performance
  •  Reliably compliant with all regulations