Expansion of production facilities for the manufacturing of Complex Inorganic Color Pigments (CICPs)

At its German site, Heubach is expanding its capacity to produce Complex Inorganic Color Pigments (CICPs), marketed under the brand name HEUCODUR®. Following the installation and successful establishment of the first production line of a newly developed and fully automated calcination technology in Germany in 2013, the second line will finally be put into operation at the end of October.

The new calcination technology guarantees highly efficient process management that is optimized for quality. Thus, with this investment, Heubach is laying a further foundation for future growth and sustainable competitiveness. Furthermore, this technology ensures that Heubach will always be able to meet the ever-increasing requirements of its clients in terms of quality and availability.

With the demand for end products with improved service life and of superior quality, standards for the durability of the coloration of paints and varnishes, plastics, construction materials and ceramic products are rising. At the same time, standards are also rising for the pigments used. The CICPs, manufactured in a high-temperature calcination process (above 800° C/1500° F), meet these rising quality standards while taking ecological issues into account. They fulfill the highest requirements for weathering resistance as well as chemical and temperature stability. On top of this, these products combine excellent opacity with outstanding dispersibility, meaning they can also be used for the preparation of lead-free formulations. Uses for the products include high-quality industrial paints such as for e.g. the coloration of coil and powder coatings as well as for decorative coating materials, plastics, construction materials, plasters and ceramic product.