Product Development presents ongoing projects for new and improved pigments

Heubach consistently offers optimal solutions to its customers, meeting rising quality and environmental protection requirements.

Modern coatings, finishes and materials have to keep meeting stricter standards: They need to be functional, durable, safe, easy to process, and as environmentally friendly as possible. In order to offer optimal solutions to our customers at all times, Product Development at Heubach continuously works on improving our familiar products and bringing new products to market.

New color index for inorganic orange and red
In the past, high color brilliance in the red-orange spectrum was reserved for organic pigments, with corresponding weather and temperature stability deficits compared to inorganic pigments. Heubach is currently developing HEUCODUR® pigments that are far superior to the conventional ferrous oxides, and are able to cover a color space in the range of organic pigments with colors that were impossible to achieve using inorganic pigments in the past. The corresponding color indices have now been assigned to these pigments: Pigment orange 88 and pigment red 299.The pigments are suitable for the full-tone or near-full-tone range, especially for plastics, and also have a high synergy potential with organic pigments.

Improved HEUCODUR® Green 5G
We strive to produce pigments of outstanding quality that are environmentally friendly and harmless for health in the production process and subsequent application. Our researchers set themselves the goal of developing a non-hazardous green pigment PG50 with coloristic properties identical to those of the current products classified as hazardous substances. It appears they have succeeded through production technology and formulation improvements. The market launch is planned for 2022.