Heubach Publishes First Sustainability Report

The Heubach GmbH Group published its first sustainability report on October 19, 2018. As a member of the UN Global Compact, we are therefore simultaneously presenting our first progress report (Communication on Progress, CoP) as well.

The sustainability check of the Chemie3 initiative was referred to in order to identify the essential subjects. The report is organized into the key topics of sustainability management, products, environmental protection, and employee responsibility, offering readers an insight into the sustainability topics that are relevant for Heubach.

“The publication of our first sustainability report is an important milestone for Heubach as a family company. By compiling this report, we have conducted an inventory that is enabling us to pool our activities in the area of sustainability in a targeted way, provide strategic orientation for these activities, and continually drive them forward,” said Birgit Genn, Managing Director.

The full sustainability report is available for download as a PDF. The printed version will be available for ordering via the contact form on our website starting in January 2019.