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In our pigment overview you will find everything you need for brilliant colors: A large portfolio of organic and inorganic pigments, pigment preparations and anticorrosive pigments from a single source.

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Organic Pigments

If you are looking for highly brilliant color solutions, please refer to our full color range of High Performance Organic Pigments, which is the result of our highly successful R&D programmes of the recent past. Phthalocyanine Blues and Greens, Azo Yellows, Oranges and Reds, Indanthrone Blues, Isoindoline Yellows, Benzimidazolone, Anthanthrone, DPP & Quinacridone Reds are part of our extensive product portfolio.

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Inorganic Pigments

We are offering a full range of complex inorganic color pigments, which is, to date, the most stable class of pigments developed by the color industry. Nickel and Chrome Rutile Yellows as well as Spinell Blue, Black, Green and Brown pigments are available in a large variety of color shades. The line of Bismuth Vanadate pigments combines the outstanding fastness properties of an inorganic pigment with the unique high chroma, greenish yellow color shade.

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Pigment Preparations

Decades of experience in the production of pigment preparations and tailored solutions have made us the experts. We connect manufacturing with global access for High Performance Pigments and downstream processing into preparations for Plastics, Coatings and Speciality Inks. The backwards integration into organic and inorganic pigments allows for a more economic and quality controlled manufacturing of pigment preparations.

Anti-corrosive Pigments

Heubach initiated the replacement of carcinogenic chrome-based anticorrosives and became the world market leader in this field. Todays portfolio of anticorrosive pigments encompasses a full range of modified orthophosphates, high perfomance polyphosphates, organic inhibitors and a variety of zinc-free solutions.

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Heubach pigments and pigment preparations

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Heubach's product portfolio comprises pigments and pigment preparations for a vast range of applications – from paints, coatings, plastics, printing ink, building materials through to paper, seeds or latex. 

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Heubach Services

We support our customers worldwide with performance, colorimetric and analytical laboratories. At all our locations we develop tailored pigments and pigment preparations for meet our customers’ specific needs.

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