Heubach Dustmeter for professional dust measurement

Determine how much dust your product produces with the Heubach Dustmeter! It offers numerous advantages compared to rival devices, especially flexibility and precision.

Precise, flexible dust measurement

The ability to select different air flows allows test conditions to be fine-tuned to meet the specific product characteristics. The air flow is automatically controlled and can be set to run for a specified time or on a total volume basis. In addition the variable drum rotation speed allows for the simulation of different handling and conveying situations. Different conditions are precislely defined and ensure a consistent and reproducible material movement. In addition, the Heubach Dustmeter offers:

  • Built in microprocessor based control unit with touch screen panel for easy selection of predefined standard test conditions or user defined test parameters.
  • Robust and reliable construction and components.
  • Easy upgrade from dustmeter type I / II to type III.
  • Single power supply unit adjustable to 110 / 220 V for world wide use.

Types of Dustmeter

Heubach offers a wide range of dustmeters designed to provide standardized measurement of dust content in the processing of powders, granules or products that need to comply with the EU Regulation 85/157  on "Animal Feed Additives".

Heubach Dustmeters

Dustmeter Services

Heubach provides a comprehensive range of Dustmeter services. Regardless of whether it's measuring, maintenance, training or rentals, Heubach also provides customized solutions.

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