Dustmeter Services

Heubach offers a full range of services for maximum customer satisfaction. Regardless of whether it's measuring, maintenance, training or rentals.

Measuring Services

In our controlled laboratory environment we offer measuring services to test materials for clients. Further analysis of the tested material can be provided by our team to a certain extent. For any further or more in depth analysis we have good relationships with 2 of the most renowned intitutes for dustiness applications: Uni Wuppertal and IGF.


If you only have a limited amount of tests you want to run, or you want to evaluate the usefullnes of a Heubach Dustmeter or DusTower IGF to your facility, we offer a rental service for all the devices and variations found in the product catalogue.

Maintenance and Training Services

Beside a full spare parts service we also provide operator training. To make sure your Heubach equipment is always on spec, we highly recommend our annual service and maintenance program. The results and the reliability of your measurements are at stake if the mechanical components are not regularly checked and adjusted. When serviced correctly, Dustmeters are known to last for decades.

Customized Solutions

Based on our excellent CNC machining technology at our hands we are able to provide customized solutions in case you have specific requirement to optimize your testing procedures.

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