Liquid, VOC free flash rust inhibitor

HEUCOFLASH™ LQ1 is a Nitrite containing, VOC free flash rust inhibitor, suitable for all ferrous and galvanized steel substrates and waterborne resins like acrylic or epoxy systems etc.. The product is a ready to use aqueous liquid and typical dosage rates are between 0.3 % - 1.5 % (of liquid coating weight) depending on the binder system and the surface roughness and can be added during the manufacturing steps simply by stirring in.

HEUCOFLASH™ LQ2 is a Nitrite and VOC free liquid flash rust inhibitor suitable for all kind of metal substrates and a wide range of waterborne resins. HEUCOFLASH™ LQ2 is a ready to use aqueous liquid and dosage rates are also in the range of 0.3 % - 1.5 % (of liquid coating weight) to address different binders and the roughness of the surface.

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Powder, Pulver HEUCOFLASH™
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Powder, Pulver HEUCOFLASH™
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