Multi-level corrosion protection which satisfys the full spectrum of modern protective coating requirements

Modified Orthophosphates

HEUCOPHOS® ZPA is a zinc aluminium orthophosphate with improved phosphate loading. This leads to a controlled increase of inhibiting water soluble content and thus a better formation of protective layers on the metal surface.

HEUCOPHOS® ZPO, an organically modified basic zinc orthophosphate hydrate, shows excellent protective behaviour in many binder systems, e.g. alkyd resins and physically drying systems, due to the special organic modification.

HEUCOPHOS® ZMP is a basic zinc molybdenum orthophosphate hydrate which shows excellent results by applying this anti-corrosive pigment e.g. in water based coating systems using 1-part polyurethanes.

HEUCOPHOS® CMP is a unique zinc-free Anticorrosive with universal applicability. It is based on a special calcium phosphate complex which has been modified with an electrochemical active magnesium compound.

High-Performance Polyphosphates

HEUCOPHOS® ZAPP is a zinc aluminium polyphosphate hydrate with improved electrochemical activity. Due to its pigment characteristics, HEUCOPHOS® ZAPP is an effective anti-corrosive pigment for different binder systems.

HEUCOPHOS® SAPP, a strontium aluminium polyphosphate hydrate, suits for application e.g. in 2-part epoxy coating systems. Its electrochemical activity in combination with improved long-term protection offers advantages for high performance applications.

HEUCOPHOS® SRPP is a special adjustment of HEUCOPHOS® SAPP providing outstanding performance in coil coatings and aircraft primers.

HEUCOPHOS® CAPP exhibits good results in water based 2-part epoxy resins and also other waterborne coating systems. It is suitable for the application in combination with our other polyphosphates.

Wide Spectrum Anticorrosives

HEUCOPHOS® ZAM PLUS is a development to meet the demand of protective coatings based on conventional and modern resin systems. It combines the basic chemistry of HEUCOPHOS® ZPA, ZPO and ZMP within one pigment. Its inhibitive properties are attributed to the utilization of certain substances within one product (synergistic effects) and enable one to formulateprotective coatings which are, at least, comparable in performance to chromium containing systems in a vast variety of applications.

HEUCOPHOS® ZCP PLUS has been developed to meet the economical, ecological, and performance requirements of today and tomorrow. By controlled chemical modifications connected with optimizations of the manufacturing process, it has become possible to improve the electrochemical effectiveness as compared to existing chromate-free Anticorrosives on the market for universal applications.

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Corrosion Inhibitor Zinc calcium strontium aluminium orthophosphate silicate hydrate Downloads
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Corrosion Inhibitor Zinc aluminium orthophosphate hydrate Downloads
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Corrosion Inhibitor Zinc orthophosphate hydrate, basic, organically modified Downloads