Unique organic synergist that drops the costs of corrosion

Especially the discovery of HEUCORIN® RZ, an effective organic inhibitor which is based on a zinc salt of an organic nitro compound, was one major breakthrough in the world of Anticorrosives. The utilization of modified phosphate pigments together with the organic inhibitors in solvent-borne and especially waterborne protective coatings provides an excellent opportunity to combine the performance characteristics of both worlds in terms of anti-corrosion synergy. These combinations open possibilities to reduce the tendency towards blistering, to improve early substrate protection, adhesion and wet adhesion properties thus resulting in increased long term protection.

Adding very small quantities of HEUCORIN® RZ leads to significant improvements of existing protective coatings and dropped formulation costs. As a result more and more formulators use HEUCORIN® RZ to optimize the protective properties of their anticorrosive coatings.

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