A highly effective zinc-free anticorrosive based on a calcium modified silica gel

With HEUCOSIL™ CTF, a pigment based on a calcium modified silica gel, Heubach added a highly effective zinc-free Anticorrosive to its present product line. HEUCOSIL™ CTF meets especially the specific performance requirements for Thin-Film applications. It is based on a calcium modified silica gel. Due to its slightly porous surface morphology HEUCOSIL™ CTF shows a relatively high surface area. Therefore this pigment has a different chemical and physical identity compared to other types of inorganic Anticorrosives. Because the pigment particles are nearly insoluble, no change in pigment morphology occurs as the paint film weathers.

This reduces film breakdown resulting in reduced blistering and permeability leading to very good longterm protection. The utilization of HEUCOSIL™ CTF leads to a pH-stabilizing effect, when aggressive corrosion stimulating ions enter the paint film, due to the presence of basic contents in HEUCOSIL™ CTF. The low density of HEUCOSIL™ CTF ensures a very high number of active particles in a given weight. The combination of HEUCOSIL™ CTF with other HEUCOPHOS® and/or HEUCORIN® pigments is possible and is often advantageous.

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