High-performance universal colorant tinting systems

HEUCOTINT™ UN is an universal colorant technology for tinting a wide variety of architectural applications. These colorants provide optimized solutions in the new generations of high solid alkyds and alkyd emulsions. The HEUCOTINT™ UN systems are suitable for the tinting of a broad range of water and solvent based products such as latex paints, long-oil alkyds, high solid alkyds, wood stains and mineral binder systems.

All colorants are machine-dispensable (POS / IPT) and are formulated by using the specially developed Heubach surfactant package to achieve optimum performance in base materials with extremely different technologies. Furthermore, the UN Series fulfill the highest demands in terms of customer requirements and regulatory compliance.

The unique HEUCOTINT™ UN 28 series is the tailor-made solution for high-quality and future-oriented coloring of high-performance decorative coatings. These colorants provide further enhancements regarding compatibility with the new high solid paints and compliance with the latest VOC regulations. By careful selection of organic and inorganic pigments this series consists of a wide range of colorants generating the highest tinting strength with brilliant colors and a variety of color shades.

The universal colorants offer outstanding advantages on properties such as drying, levelling, gloss and therefore an enhanced performance of the final paint. The specially designed formulation technology guarantees a high degree of color accuracy and reproducibility in very precise and tight specifications.

The new HEUCOTINT™ UN 41, 42, 43 tinting system range of water based, high-performance pigment preparations covers all the different requirements and needs in the market.

The sophisticated formulation technology of HEUCOTINT™ UN has been further improved, resulting in a HEUCOTINT™ UN product family which allows the tinting of water and solvent-based products including silica plasters. It is also compliant with the current regulatory requirements and environmental labels.