Colorants and Tinting Systems Service

Our teams of technical specialists and partners are happy to advise you on any questions relating to color service, product quality, software, tinting maschines and their installation to an ongoing service package afterwards.

Heubach is a leading, independent global manufacturer with outstanding expertise in pigments and pigment dispersions. Backward integration into organic and inorganic pigments allows for a more economical and quality-controlled manufacture of colorants and tinting systems. We are only too glad to advise you on the latest, innovative and cost-effective solutions to your daily challenges. Our team of technical experts are at your disposal.

Heubach offers a wide variety of custom support

  • Compatibility tests
  • Preparations of color formulations for customer fan deck and customer specific products
  • Testing and adjustment of base materials
  • Accelerated weathering tests using customer base materials (Xenon, QUV)
  • Maintenance of databases
  • Ongoing support such as adjustment and expansion of your tinting system
  • Consultancy on equipment (such as e.g. machine, coloristic software, etc.) and all system implementation steps

Your benefits

  • Selection of pigments with outstanding light and weather fastness, which are suitable for exterior & high performance applications
  • Well balanced mixture of highly and medium concentrated colorants for highly economical coloring
  • Broadest compatibility
  • Fan deck with more than thousand shades available
  • High degree of customization to meet your requirements and to achieve the best solution by balancing quality requirements and tinting costs