Corrosion protection performance service

Finding the right corrosion protection pigment for a coating application can be complicated. Heubach’s technical experts – supported by modern laboratory equipment – work closely with our customers, identifying the right solution for their coating formulation in cooperation with them.

Our services at a glance:

  • Development of corrosion protection coating formulations for specific binding agents and applications
  • Analysis of the corrosion behavior using various rapid weathering processes
  • Provision of reference formulations for numerous binding agent systems and applications

The requirements for innovative coating systems are becoming more demanding all the time. Corrosion resistance in particular is a key criterion for the quality of metal components.

We conduct comparative application technology studies to determine the performance of our corrosion protection pigments/inhibitors for a variety of organic coating systems in the protective coatings world on various metal substrates. Customer-specific test systems are examined in addition to the binding agent and application-specific test systems.

In an initial step, Heubach specialists produce the organic coating substances based on formulation recommendations provided by the binding agent/additive manufacturers. Alternatively, we work with customer coating systems and adapt the application and test conditions to the desired use.

The next step consists of developing, processing, and evaluating the test systems. We work closely with manufacturers of binding agents, additives, and other raw materials to continuously adapt these to the state of the art.

Various rapid weathering processes are used to evaluate the influence of the corrosion protection pigments/inhibitors on the performance behavior of the respective coatings. These include the condensate test, salt spray test, and prohesion test. The mechanical film properties, and therefore possible coating changes, are evaluated before and after weathering.

Finally, we prepare a summary of results for our customers and determine corresponding base formulations. Numerous reference formulations for various binding agent systems and applications are available for download below.

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